Youth Project

Zoe Belle Gender Centre has received State Government funding as part of the HEY Project to deliver a youth suicide prevention project over the next three years to mid 2015.

The HEY Project is a consortium of seven agencies working together to support the development and delivery of programs aimed at improving the mental health of same sex attracted, intersex, sex and/or gender diverse (SSAISGD) young people.

Of the funded agencies, ZBGC is the only gender-specific agency.

The ZBGC Youth Project works with SSAISGD and mainstream health and human service providers to improve support to our community by developing resources and training for health and human service workers, working in and with the intersex and gender diverse communities, and supporting the activities of its youth organisations.

Resources will gradually be compiled here on this website in the Resources for Workers page.


Training Outline

The ZBGC Youth Project offers free training to youth services providers in Victoria. Training can be offered to single agencies or as multi- agency professional development sessions.  They utilize a variety of media and group activities to engage and extend learning.

The training covers the following objectives:

  1. Participants will have an increased understanding of what sex and gender diversity is, and the complexities of these experiences.
  2. Participants will further their understanding of the social, legal and political experiences of the sex and/ or gender diverse community.
  3. Participants will develop their knowledge of issues faced by young sex and/or gender diverse people.
  4. Service providers will have a stronger understanding of how to practice inclusively, on an individual and agency level.

 Training is  flexible as to content and timeframe.

All enquiries are most welcome!

For more information about the project, please contact the ZBGC Project Officer, Zoe Birkinshaw, on 03 8398 4131 or email

The ZBGC Youth Project is proudly supported by Western Region Health Centre.