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Legal & Medical Support in Sydney - URGENT

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This really goes across 2 categories however the Legal is the overriding.


I am urgenlty looking for a Solicitor to help me with a Care Proceeding case that is about to transfer from England to Australia, despite there being no laws to enable this and it being totally against the Human Righs Act.

I'm also loooking for a Pssychiatrist to undertake some assessments.

I have over the last 16 months been edged out of my childrens' lives, in fact I haven't seen then for the last year, despirte the foster carer being recorded by my son teaching my two young 5 & 7 yo daughers how to spread legs and lick her [redacted] (Police reports incldued) over 4 months.

So much for 'better and appropriate care'

My life has been turned into a hell and I have no support in the UK and it seems I have no support in Australia.  I guess I could just let my kids move into ther system and watch their once amazing talents and ambitions turn from Science and Arts to drugs and alcohol and mental illness, and toss myself away at the same time, but I need to give this one last try, I need to bring them home, they want to come back to me.

The Court here has 'found' in July that I will not see assessment or theraputic intervention, despite on the 2nd day of the hearing in May my collapsing and being mentally assessed as suffering extreme depresison and extreme distress from undue thord party stressors (their own medical people, not mine), my arranging marriage counselling in April, and my attendance to Domestic Violence programs (originally I applied for assessment as an abuser given the claims made against me however was further assessed and put in the Victims program to which I could not relate to the experiences of other women and their own and descriptions of their partners behavior, it just didn't make sense with my 16 year marraige and our lives.)

The story is huge, there are over 3000 covert video recordsings ... an example of what I've had to put up with can be watched at http://ah.net/l/owusu1 and http://ah.net/l/ytsc and http://ah.net/l/tmsw

I am on skype and have free phone calls to landlines in Aus if anyone can help.

I have till the end of October to try and bring this to turn around. Please help, for my children, they deserve better, they deserve to be seen and heard, not the inanimate absent object of strange adults arguing across a court room who will have nothing to do with their future lives.
asked Oct 12, 2011 in Legal & Anti-Discrimination by (120 points)
edited Oct 12, 2011 by

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1 Answer

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Welcome to the ZBGC Questions and Answers website. We're sorry to hear of this stressful situation you are going through. 

So are you looking for transgender-friendly solicitors and psychiatrists? If so, we suggest that you contact The Gender Centre in Sydney for referrals. 

In terms of referrals specifically for solicitors, you could ask the Law Society of New South Wales if they know of any solicitors who would be suitable. 

We wish you the very best of luck in dealing with this tough situation.

answered Oct 12, 2011 by zbgc-qa-admin (8,150 points)
edited Oct 12, 2011 by