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FTM birth certificates

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Hi folks I am interested to know whether FTM folks can obtain a male birth certificate after surgery and T?  But not having a hysto. After a quick search online it seems not as I noted a few dudes having to take the issue to court to get one most recently the AB - AH case -  other people stated that FTM's who had chest surgery fit the criteria under the act becasue breasts were considered 'reproductive organs'.

I was born in NSW where the Act defines “sex affirmation surgery” as a “surgical procedure involving the alteration of a person’s reproductive organs carried out for the purpose of assisting the person to be considered to be a member of the opposite sex”.

It is would be helpful if folks could shed some light or share stories of those who had got one.


asked Aug 17, 2012 in Legal & Anti-Discrimination by anonymous
edited Aug 17, 2012 by

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9 Answers

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Best answer

Hello, @zoebellegc tweeted this question - and yes, FTM Australia can help you with this.  yes

If you want to discuss further - drop us an email at mail@ftmaustralia.org

kind regards,
FTM Australia Coordinator

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answered Aug 17, 2012 by anonymous
selected Oct 22, 2013 by zbgc-qa-admin
It's good that u can help this person but can u also please tell us the answer here so others like me can learn too?......
These message boards are helpful because everyone can see the qns and answers, and so many people are helped. Please post your response here for us all..
@FTM Australia Coordinator: As this is a knowledge-sharing website, we do encourage you to publicly share what you know about this issue here on this site.
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answered Aug 19, 2012 by anonymous
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Due to the court ruling you refer too, yes - guys in WA & SA can get their birth certificate changed without needing a hysto. Also, under WA law, if a guy has had his cheat surgery done in WA, then he is also likely to be able to qualify to apply under WA law to get his birth certificate changed. As far as I know, however, you still require a hysto everywhere else in the country.
answered Aug 19, 2012 by anonymous
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I'm from Victoria. In Vic, we have what looks like the same situation in NSW - you need 2 statutory declarations from medical practitioners to vertify that you've had "sex affirmation surgery'.

A few years ago when I had chest surgery, I asked the surgeon if he would sign the form to get the sex changed on my birth certificate but he said no. He apologised and said that it wasn't worth losing his registration over :(

Someone from Vic once did tell me that they knew a transguy (in Vic) who had managed to get the sex on their birth certificate changed without having a hysto but they didn't say how.

Sorry I can't help more but maybe you could ask the Gender Centre in Sydney? http://www.gendercentre.org.au/
answered Aug 19, 2012 by anonymous
I was able to get the gender on my birth certificate changed after I got a stat dec from my doctor and my surgeon stating my gender dysphoria at the BDM (Birth, Death and Marriage Registry) in Victoria

Weird your surgeon refused to sign the form?
Well, from memory, the requirements for getting your birth certificate changed are that you need to have had surgery on your reproductive organs. So my surgeon said that chest surgery didn't qualify.

I've since heard that there are practitioners who are willing to sign the paperwork but I guess my surgeon wasn't one of them :(
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Hi - Thanks for the detailed responses - I live in Victoria but was born in NSW if this helps.

answered Aug 23, 2012 by anonymous
We're continuing to spread your question within our networks. Hopefully you may get some more definitive responses soon.

It may well be worth asking the Gender Centre in Sydney, as one person has already suggested.
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I'd be up for speaking with you privately about this if you want. I've left my contact details with ZBGC. Just contact them if you want to get in touch with me:


answered Aug 29, 2012 by anonymous
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Depends if the doctors you get to sign the paper work consider top surgery as having surgery on your reproductive organs. If so they might sign the paper work, but surgeons that did that in the past don't really practice now so I don't know if yours would
answered Sep 26, 2012 by anonymous
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i come from NSW & i was able to change my BIrth Cert after i had hysto surgery as that is considered sex affirmation surgery because you are removing your female sex organs.

answered Oct 10, 2012 by anonymous
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I was born in nsw and had top surgery in Victoria with the gender clinic here. I was able to get my nsw birth certificate changed to MALE after filling out the change of sex form on the nsw bdm website. I needed two doctors to fill out the forms and get stat decs and I sent it in and it was approved. I don't know if I "slipped through the legal cracks" though because I haven't had any genital reassignment surgery or a hysto. But my birth certificate was changed this way.
answered Oct 16, 2013 by anonymous