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Why does the Scouts membership form M/F question say, "as specified on birth certificate". Why? WTF?

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Here is a pic of what that part of the form looks like

asked Jul 1, 2012 in Legal & Anti-Discrimination by anonymous

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4 Answers

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Hi there


In most States and Territories (WA being the likely exception) this is in contradiction of EO laws e.g. Victoria and the gender identity attribute.

Good pick-up!
answered Jul 1, 2012 by anonymous
Scouts have a religious aspect to their mission statement. Therefore they either have an exemption or are as you suggest in breach of EOC.

In terms of why they ask that question, just look at the US arm of Scouts and the recent issues surrounding LGBT members and that might be the reason... I'm speculating of course.
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I think this is outrageous and TGV will pick up and seek explanations at Victoria level and then across Australia.
answered Jul 2, 2012 by brenda (300 points)
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Yes, that is well spotted.

Scouts have a spiritual rather than religious aspect to their membership which is they ask all members to consider and explore their spiritual beliefs.

I am sure this may be left over from the past and never even looked at properly and would be rectified once pointed out.  So why not talk to them rather than get "outraged"
answered Jul 2, 2012 by anonymous
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Can TGV also pick up why it's around ~$10 to get reandron when M on birthcert but if F, it's ~$150?

I'm not within TGV or a member...haven't known about them. But it's good there is an advocacy group, I think people taking leadership should get more outraged because without implying urgency a lot of people in power don't take you seriously quickly enough. People are too 'nice'/plesant instead of confronting and factual...and then we are left behind, gov only started caring about the same sex attracted community and funding their health initiatives when HIV wasn't an issue just affecting them anymore. Trans issues need the numbers and unles people can see the emotional effects as to why we need this attention...then enough people are going to continue not to pay us attention. But if people are really listening to trans people advocating, they deserve more calmness because they are more likely acknowleging way's we are marginalised and stuff
answered Jul 3, 2012 by anonymous