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Hey, 14 year old ftm, does anyone know of any trans* friendly doctors in Sydney/will I be able to undergo HRT?

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Doctors or psychiatrists, either would be helpful.

And if I am too young to transition, does anyone know the legal age?
asked Jun 30, 2012 in Everything Else by anonymous

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6 Answers

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Hi there

The relevant ages are:

up to 16 - take puberty blockers (reversible)

16 0n  - take irreversible hormones

18 on  - surgeries as needed/wanted

Birth certificates - if it's ok, please let us know state/territory of birth so we can point you to the correct piece of legislation.

Also, check out true colours (I think its truecolours.org.au) for more info.



answered Jul 1, 2012 by anonymous
I live in Sydney, NSW. Thank you for your answers on hormones.
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Dr Edward Ryan on Crown St, Surry Hills is a fantastic trans-friendly GP and has been a huge help in all my transition stuff.

For all my psych stuff I saw Dr Patrick Toohey on Macquarie St. He's hard work, but good.
answered Jul 1, 2012 by anonymous
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twenty ten is a youth organization in bedford st newtown under the gay and lesbian counselling building (42 bedford st, down next to the railway line). if you go there they can give you support and provide you with a place to hang out and youll be able to meet other young people. the gender centre has a youth support group but im actually not sure how old you have to be to access it. if you call Anthony at the GC on 9569 2366 he will be able to tell you more. 


answered Jul 1, 2012 by anonymous
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Welcome to the Q&A website.

Please see the answers to this previous question for more suggestions of GPs in Sydney.

In terms of psychiatrists, ZBGC's Resources Directory has details for Dr Matthew Lynch:


my agenda

Contact: Dr Matthew Lynch (Child Psychiatrist)
Description: my agenda is a consultation service for young persons aged 21 and under with gender identity issues.

Dr Matthew Lynch is a specialist child psychiatrist whose skills include working with young people of all ages, their families and schools, with a broad spectrum of mental health problems.

Transgender young people need qualified assessment, family support and advocacy. Matthew is a member of a transgender mental health professionals interest group which offers supervision and multidisciplinary guidance plus expertise.

Preferred contact is via email. 

44 Perouse Rd
Randwick  NSW  2031

Mailing Address: 
PO Box 3296
St Pauls PO  NSW   2031

Website: http://www.myagenda.net.au/
Email: matt@myagenda.net.au
Phone: 0402 753 096

Best of luck and please feel free to post more questions. 

answered Jul 1, 2012 by zbgc-qa-admin (8,150 points)
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Hi there Mr 14...

Please contact FTM Australia if you need any further information regarding affirming your sex.  Drop us an email on mail@ftmaustralia.org

You are not too young to transition. yes

Hope to talk soon

kind regards,
FTM Australia Coordinator

Resources for transition and beyond in Australia

Web: www.ftmaustralia.org | Follow on Twitter | Join on Facebook
Support and Discussion at OzGuys | PO Box 488 GLEBE NSW 2037

answered Aug 17, 2012 by anonymous
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Try concord hospital

Andrology clinic 97675000

ask for professor Ann Conway's rooms

she is an endocrinologist she maybe able to direct you then she can do the therapy.

call the gender centre in  ' twenty10'.  95691176
answered Feb 10, 2014 by anonymous