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Okay, so who would want to go on a road trip across Australia??

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Okay Girls,

I am thinking we could have a road trip across Australia in December :)

We can talk and do make up, dressing, shopping, hair, the lot :) We can travel anywhere and everywhere either in a car or a campervan depending on how many people would want to go, now I dont have my license so would need somebody else to drive but if interested contact me and we can sort out the details :) I just feel like going out there and really exploring :)
asked Apr 23, 2012 in Travel by rose-elliott (630 points)

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3 Answers

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Hi rose-elliott

Thanks for your post. We recommend you also post this on the Noticeboard at our main website:



ZBGC website admin
answered Apr 23, 2012 by zbgc-qa-admin (8,150 points)
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YES YES YES! count me in! Would love to be involved. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help out.
answered Apr 23, 2012 by anonymous
Well I guess knowing who you are would help haha, anonymous is a bit mysterious :P
Hi rose-elliott

If you post a free ad to our Noticeboard about this, Vanenssa and other people will be able to contact you directly.

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Oh ooops!! My name is Vannessa, Im a 34 year old pre/op ts. I transitioned when I was 14 and was just recently crowned Ms Transexual Australia
answered Apr 24, 2012 by anonymous