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hi i am 19 and would like start hrt but i dont really know what to ??

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i want to start on hrt but i dont really know how i should go about to get some help. i carnt ask parents(christan) for help and i carnt afford to spend a lot. i live in sunbury 45 min for sourthen cross station.
asked Apr 21, 2012 in Hormones by anonymous

I'm having same problem as you do, but I told my parents and unfortunately it does go well since they are christan as well. I would love to get know more people like yourself. You are not alone out there and I live in Lilydale
If either of you would like to get in contact with each other, feel free to email us via the form at http://gendercentre.com/qa/feedback . Provide us with your email address and we can then put you in contact with each other :)
Both of you might also be interested in YGender, a group for trans*, genderqueer, gender questioning young people and friends based in Melbourne:


Plus the GQ guide:


And ZBGC's Resources Directory:


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4 Answers

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To seek HRT, either of these two medical clinics is a start. They use the services of the same psychiatrists, so which ever clinic you would like.


Northside Clinic



Prahran Market Clinic



It disappoints me that you can't ask your parents for help and even more so stating that a reason is because they are "Christian".  Well I am a Christian and I am transgender female.

I think some Christians are so far away from Jesus in their every day lives that they are better served describing themselves as "lost" rather than "Christian".

God created you, I, and all things. Being transgender is neither good nor bad ... it is a natural created state. How we live is what matters. Being transgender or homosexual (which I am too as I am attracted to females) is normal ... not the norm, but life has a breadth of diversity and beauty beyond the societal puritan of straight female and male.

I just wanted to address this faith side of things, as I don't feel comfortable with persons professing faith, but lacking compassion and love. They do themselves and God a disservice.

Anyway, I hope this assists.





As for the cost, a Government issued concession card is accepted at either clinic.  The psychiatrists, there are two, with the one north of the city no longer accepting Government concession cards. I don't know about the other.

I have completed voice feminization therapy and am four months into facial hair removal, and living full time as a female since the start of this year. I looked at HRT earlier this year and hope to revisit that again next year. For me, I feel I can do a lot myself, as the HRT requires seeking the approval of others.

answered Apr 21, 2012 by chrisentiae (2,910 points)
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Welcome to the Questions and Answers website. The two medical clinics that have already been recommended, Northside Clinic and Prahran Market Clinic, are both in ZBGC's Resources Directory. We recommend that you browse through the directory to see if there are any other resources that may be of interest to you. For example, the support and social group YGender, which is for trans*, genderqueer and gender questioning young people, is listed in the directory. You might like to check them out. 

There is also the GQ: Gender Questioning guide. It provides info and support to young people (16-25) who are questioning their gender or supporting someone who is doing so. You can download it here

We wish you the best of luck and feel free to post more questions. 

answered Apr 22, 2012 by zbgc-qa-admin (8,150 points)
Just to add, bulk billing is available at both Northside and Prahran Market Clinics.

For Northside: "Bulk Billing is available for valid Health Care Card, Pension Card and Full Time Student Card holders before 5pm, Mon – Fri only. Currently dated concession cards and a Medicare card must be presented at every appointment."

For Prahran Market Clinic: "It is the choice of providers at PMC to bulk bill
children under the age of 16, people aged over 65, students with current student cards, patients with Health Care cards, Pension cards, Veteran Affairs cards
and the unemployed."

So if you decide to go to either of these clinics, make sure you ask about bulk billing so that you can save some money.
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A good start is to make sure you have your own medicare card. You can go to a medicare office with some identification and apply for one if you dont already have one. That way you can go and at least talk to a bulk bill doctor without fearing your parents reaction
answered Apr 22, 2012 by anonymous
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Hello im 37  in melton  december soon to start h.r.t  would like to meet up with u and others round my way  weather it be to support each other or to help with make up and dress ect
answered Oct 3, 2012 by bridget (280 points)
Hi Bridget and anonymous

If you'd like to be put in contact with each other, please contact us via this feedback form and we'll put you both in touch.



ZBGC Q&A admin