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Any trans-friendly gynecologists in Sydney?

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asked Aug 23, 2011 in Health by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Welcome to ZBGC's Questions and Answers website smiley

The Gender Centre in Sydney may know of some trans-friendly gynaecologists:


We'll also pass your question onto our networks and hopefully some people will respond. 

answered Aug 24, 2011 by zbgc-qa-admin (8,150 points)
edited Aug 24, 2011 by
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I've never seen either of these gynaecologists so I can't personally recommend them, but I've heard of transfolk having had surgeries with them:

Dr Joseph Elbeaini
Suite 304
161 Bigge St
Liverpool 2170

Phone: 02 9822 7400
Fax: 02 9822 7411

Here's a write-up of someone's experience with him, as blogged on the website for ACT trans* organisation, A Gender Agenda.

I've also heard of Dr Anne Pike. More details about her here:


Good luck!

answered Aug 24, 2011 by (140 points)