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Do any MTF's have experience taking testosterone?

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I was wondering if anyone has any experience taking a low dose of testosterone after surgery at the same time as taking estrogen?
asked Mar 8, 2012 in Hormones by anonymous

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5 Answers

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I know of a transwoman friend (post op) who takes an Andriol Testocap capsule daily or else she has no drive / will to do anything! I'm post op too and don't need it but please be sure to have your bloods done as this is always a risky area.
answered Mar 8, 2012 by anonymous
Have there been any downsides, or undesirable effects? Why is this a risky area?
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No undesirable effects noticed. Hormones of any variety have incredibly powerful effects on mind and body, I have known one woman who got DVTs after her first progesterone shot and another lady (RIP you will be remembered) who died from a brain clot / haemorrhage from self over prescription. Please get your levels checked as all bodies are different. Even people same weight / height / age etc need different levels.
answered Mar 13, 2012 by anonymous
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Hi. We passed your question on to a GP in our networks and they replied:

"Sorry, I don't know the answer to that question. With one exception - I know that some MTFs (postop) are using testosterone cream to enhance clitoral sensitivity."

We know that's not much, but we hope that helps.
answered Mar 13, 2012 by zbgc-qa-admin (8,150 points)
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This post replaces two answers recently written in response to this question. These answers breached our Q&A site terms of use by encouraging violation of the law. 

To the person who wrote these answers: feel free to post a new answer that doesn't breach our site terms of use. However, please also keep in mind that:

  • the question is from someone who is asking about taking a low dose of testosterone (at the same time as taking estrogen) after surgery
  • the asker isn't enquiring about how to obtain testosterone but seems more interested in the experience/effects of being on a low testosterone dose post-surgery. 


ZBGC Website Admin

answered May 23, 2012 by anonymous
edited May 24, 2012 by
To the poster of this answer: please see our replacement text above.
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To Admin

I do apology but I am not sorry for what I had posted.

First, The person did not mention what type of surgery was done.

Second is for the educational/expence saving purpose. So I posted 2 ways of getting testostrone (but the Admin deleted.That is Okay..I have nothing to lose.)Cos some  people love to ask  like a a a a cowboys and Indians game or improvisational questions. That is..

But..You are right.

I got the point (what you meant)




Have a nice day
answered May 26, 2012 by anonymous
edited May 27, 2012