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Is it worth travelling interstate to see a psychiatrist?

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I've just been told that I have to wait another three months (on top of the three I've already waited) before I can see a psychiatrist in Perth to get the hrt ball rolling.  Apparently he is the only one in the state who will give approval for HRT.  Has anyone tried travelling interstate to see someone?  Are there any psychiatrists in Melbourne or Sydney with a short (or no) waiting list?  Are follow-ups normally required, and can they be done by phone or skype?
asked Jan 12, 2012 in Everything Else by anonymous

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6 Answers

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For my psych, privately in Melbourne, I had to wait around 3 months. Then I had approx 4 - 5 sessions, at least two weeks apart.  

After that I had to wait another 3 weeks after signing a consent form with my administering GP.

This was for approval for testosterone therapy, for you it may be different if you are seeking feminising hormones.

This was quoted to me as being far quicker than going through public sources (such as the gender clinic in south-east melbourne).

So In my experience, I would strongly suggest that it is not worth travelling interstate, unless you are a  millionaire.
answered Jan 12, 2012 by anonymous
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Thanks, that helps.  I'm certainly not a millionaire, but I've got enough frequent flyer points for one or two trips if it would save time.  If there's still a wait of 3 months anyway it's definately not worth it.  Anyone have any idea about Sydney, Brisbane, even Adelaide?
answered Jan 12, 2012 by anonymous
Hi. FYI in case you didn't know: if you want to reply to someone else's answer, it's best to click the "comment" link under their answer so that you comment on their answer. Like I'm doing here :)
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I've heard of people going up to Sydney to get approval for surgery on a once-off visit. I don't know who they saw.

That said, a GP doesn't need anyone's approval to prescribe you hormones, if you can find a GP willing to do it. There are some in Melbourne.
answered Jan 12, 2012 by anonymous
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Best to contact psychiatrists directly to ask about their waiting lists, whether they're up for using Skype, etc. There are a few psychiatrists listed in ZBGC's Resources Directory. The Gender Centre in Sydney (also listed in the Resources Directory) could hopefully recommend more psychiatrists in Sydney. 

answered Jan 12, 2012 by anonymous
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Hi anonymous,

Only one HRT specializing psychiatrist in Perth???

I would be seeking to find one that would take on that role.

I am in Melbourne, saw a HRT specializing Doctor on 5 Jan, blood test 6 Jan, first psychiatric appointment 7 Jan. I need two more, those are in Feb.

My transgender situation is clear and simple.

I got the psychriatic appointment, I was told, by luck ... someone had cancelled and I had phoned. I have put my name down for short notice availability.

So that is my experience ... and it is a highly variable path.

Travelling interstate just for an appointment seems a bit much. Patience is good too. I am MTF, and live as a female, albeit passing as male and looking androgynous without HRT.


Q1. "Has anyone tried travelling interstate to see someone?"

I wouldn't think of doing that myself.

Q2. "Are there any psychiatrists in Melbourne or Sydney with a short (or no) waiting list?"

I doubt it. I think they would be out of business. Those that work in the field are fully booked from my experience.

Q3. "Are follow-ups normally required, and can they be done by phone or skype?"

Extremely unlikely. The psychriatrist is basically putting their name on the line if they approve HRT. So they will want to do everything as accountable as possible. HRT is a massive life event, and so person to person contact is really needed.


The psychriatrist assesses two areas to my knowledge. The mental condition of the person and the credibility of their gender expression. There are sadly too many cases of unstable persons seeing HRT only to then be miserable and or complain. This then harms the mentally stable transgender persons that follow.  Hence the signing of legal documents that are needed that protect the medicos for those that proceed with HRT.

Having said all of this, I am no expert. I am simply going through the process myself.

If you wish to communicate with me, why not check out my forum:


I wish you all the best with your journey.


answered Jan 12, 2012 by chrisentiae (2,910 points)
edited Jul 20, 2012 by chrisentiae
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Skype consultations might not be out of the question. There's even an Australian Govt program to improve access to 'telehealth'. However, it's only for people from remote, regional and outer metropolitan areas of Australia.

Basically telemedicine is gaining wider acceptance and it could be worth contacting psychiatrists to see if they'd be willing to do consultations via Skype. 


answered Jan 14, 2012 by anonymous
edited Jan 16, 2012 by