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Any opinions on the 'online therapist' Dr. Graham L. Peveller?

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TransGender Victoria received a question which I'll post here


I am writing to you for a little help. I have been working with a Psychiatrist (Dr Graham Peveller) who has many years of experience working with people who suffer gender dysphoria.

He has diagnosed me as transsexual and advises strongly that I should under go srs reassignment surgery.

He has been wonderfully helpful . I wondered if you have ever come across him in your work and if so how he is perceived as a professional.


Personally, the idea of online therapy re SGD without client and therapist seems fraught with risks. I've also never heard of Dr Peveller before. All the same, I'd welcome any thoughts

asked Nov 8, 2011 in Mental Health by sallyg (560 points)
edited Nov 8, 2011 by

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13 Answers

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Don't have any experience with Dr Peveillier, but I just Googled Dr Graham Peveller and it looks like others have wondered about him too. I just read the discussion at this link...


The info at the link was useful because it made me think that online therapy can be helpful for some people who are having problems accessing therapy due to other reasons (like long waiting lists, being in an isolated area geographically, etc).

I guess like any therapist, it's advisable to check their qualifications and credentials, especially if you're requiring a letter for surgery. I know of at least one therapist who offers therapy sessions that are done via Skype. So maybe online therapy in itself isn't necessarily a poor choice. Ultimately I'd rather have online therapy with a sensitive, trans-friendly psychiatrist than face-to-face therapy with an insensitive psychiatrist who was clueless about gender identity issues.
answered Nov 8, 2011 by anonymous
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I too don't have any experience with Dr Peveller but there are a couple of things that already concern me. Firstly I am very concerned that a professional has strongly advised that someone undergo SRS. The decision to undergo SRS is a very personal decision which one should come to after carefully weighing up all the pros and cons. The role of the health professional is to give information and assist the individual in exploring all the ways of expressing their gender identity. No professional should "strongly advise" someone to undergo SRS. With regards to online therapy it is true that online therapy has eased access to health professionals and is generally well accepted however it should NOT be offered as a replacement for face to face therapy if this is available. Furthermore there needs to be good links between the therapist and the individual's local mental health services if more intensive support is needed (eg if a person becomes acutely suicidal during their treatment, the therapist has a duty of care to ensure that professional local support is available. This is extremely difficult if not impossible if the therapist lives in a different country with no understanding of local conditions). Furthermore, if the therapist acts unprofessionally there are no avenues to make a complaint. Medicare has recently introduced incentives for medical specialists to use online therapy to ease access to specialist healthcare and more therapists are starting to use this. On a minor technical note, Dr Peveller is not a Psychiatrist but a Psychologist.
answered Nov 8, 2011 by drj (400 points)
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Hi Everyone, I have had direct dealings with Dr Graham Peveller and have undergone SRS in Thailand as a result. I am extremely happy with the whole process and found his services absolutely wonderful in my case. I was very sure who I was before I contacted Graham and was very sure what I needed to do (have SRS). I guess if you are one of the many people who seem unsure about where they are in life then by all means go to a local professional for help. But if you are in the category of being sure of yourself and you don't want or need to be treated like a psychiatric case then seek out Graham. I started my "treatment" locally ( in Australia) but I became totally disillusioned with the whole process when I was told I needed to do a real life test for up to 2 years! This was something I just could not have undertaken, " performing socially as a female" while still a male was just completely wrong to me! My whole life up to that point had been wrong, I wasn't going to continue living as the wrong person any longer! So, if you feel definite about the way you want your life to go then put your case to Graham and see if he can help you.
answered Nov 10, 2011 by anonymous
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interesting........ I am goin.to.get on this... Sick of.waiting.and waiting.and waitinf.for SOUTHERN GENDER CLINIC (MONASH) to.get.back to.me
answered Mar 6, 2012 by demi (550 points)
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H everyone...

Dr. Graham Peveller is not a psychiatrist. He is a social worker with a Ph.D. in gender dysphoria and a few decades of experience working with the transsexual community both in the UK and in Thailand, and with working with Thai and USA based surgeons on pre-surgery assessment and counselling.

The Thai and USA surgeons regard his opinion very highly, and will operate based on his letter of approval, along with a short Q&A session with a Thai psychiatrist on the day of your surgery to make sure you are basically mentally well.

He's one of the people who surgeons such as Dr. Preecha of PAI or Dr. Saran will refer you to if you live in a country where there is no support for transsexuals, or where it would be illegal for a local doctor ot help you.

He is also one of a number of mental health professionals (including psychiatrists and psychologists) who help people who have been declined surgery by clinics such as Monash or Charing Cross to gain approval. Obviously, this makes him unpopular in some circles, and you will see this in some of the reviews online.

However, the fact that thousands of transwomen are now happily post-op and living great lives (I know several personally) following his approval should suggest that he knows what he is doing. Many of these people would not have obtained surgery otherwise, either because they did not meet some psychological profile of a gender clinic (e.g. being gay in their desired gender, or nor sufficiently feminine or masculine) or because they lived/live in countries like Malaysia or Qatar where gender transition and even cross-dressing is illegal.

If you work with Dr. Peveller, be prepared to spend a LOT of time documenting your life history and how you came to the decision to have SRS. Not seeing you in person, he will work a lot with the facts of your life, and he will make sure you have good logical reasoning and have come to this decision with considerable thought.

Also make sure you don't miss the opportunity to draw on his expertise as he has worked with many thousands of transwomen (and also transmen) in the past, and is happy to share his experience.

And if you want an opinion from someone local in Australia - feel free to contact me.


answered Mar 8, 2012 by melissastar (140 points)
edited Mar 30, 2014 by zbgc-wp-admin
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Dr Graham is really REALLY unprofessional!

He has such a short temper about everything, he mispells every other word, and I ended up counselling him on his own problems that he was having at home.

An example of his short temper: He wanted an address to send the letter. So I start off my giving my Postal Code and he suddenly ends the conversation by claiming I was exhausting and tiresome because I hadn't provided my full address.

I payed for those sessions, yet he cut them short. In real life, face to face conversation would not happen like that. Needless to say, that was nothing to loose your cool about.

I would recommend him only to get the letter as soon as possible, DO NOT count on any other type of counselling whatsoever.
answered May 12, 2012 by anonymous
But surely someone who starts an address with the postcode is tiresome.
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[This is a placeholder for a previous answer that ZBGC has removed. This previous answer implicated a person of the same name with regard to an arrest warrant. It is not known if this is the same person being discussed in this question and nothing in connection with these alleged offences has been proven at this time.]
answered Jul 15, 2012 by zbgc-qa-admin (8,150 points)
edited Jul 15, 2012 by
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I really wouldn't recommend him. During our sessions, he spent most of the time making assumptions about me and telling me what I should or should not think. He barely asked me any questions about myself. The questions he did ask were about my sexuality and he would respond with blanket statements such as "all ftms like girls." He also asked if I couldn't just be a tomboy or a butch lesbian. Overall, he was very rude.

I have been told that some therapists do that to see if the person is serious enough to stick it out, but treating a patient that way is very unproffessional and there are other, better therapists out there.
answered Jul 28, 2012 by anonymous
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Dr Graham Peveller's credentials are lised here:


If you know you need surgery, and know also that you do *not * need to be pathologised  (ie subjected to a psychiatric 'approval' process) to obtain your surgery........Dr Graham is the go-to guy.

He will not make you wait for months, or require you cross dress, or otherwise interfere with your life. You *will* get your letter.

Like the growing number of enlightened specialists worldwide, he follows the 'Informed Consent' treatment model.

If you're experiencing significant mental health problems, I would recommend seeing someone locally, either a counsellor or a psychologist, who has experience and expertise with dsg / trans* issues. 

answered Oct 3, 2012 by bree (980 points)
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I usedDr. Peveller as my therapist. Issue is in my state of Iowa there are not any gender therapists. He was great and online therapy is actually alot more common than one may think. I am now 1 year in transition and I have always been able to refer back to him if I needed anything.
answered May 19, 2013 by anonymous