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I heard Dr. Andy Ives is putting up top surgery price to ~$65,000 ...is this true?

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I heard Dr. Andy Ives is putting up top surgery price to ~$65,000 ...is this true?
asked Feb 23, 2013 in Health by anonymous

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3 Answers

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Thank you for posting to the Zoe Belle Gender Centre's Questions & Answers page. We have not heared anything relating to Dr. A. Ives surgery price. Have you contacted other groups like FTM Australia for example?


ZBGC Q&A Admin

answered Feb 26, 2013 by zbgc-qa-admin (8,150 points)
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Where did you hear that?

I had top surgery with him in December. His fee was about $3100 including garment and all follow up appointments. Certainly, you will discuss the price of the procedure and all related costs (hospital, anaesthetist) with Andy at the first consultation. (That costs in the area of $200, if I remember rightly, and you get medicare back for it if you have been referred to him by a GP or psychiatrist).
answered Feb 26, 2013 by anonymous
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HI there. No definately not! I am not sure where this came from - the guy wouldn't need to do more than a handful of jobs a year ; ) .... I had surgery 3 months ago. The amount was about $3,100 plus the anaesthetist fee which is set by the anaesthetist themselves (which is just simply very high, no getting around it - around $2300).

Everyone is different - but I found Andy's manner really respectful and he has a great interest and passion about trans issues. He also has his head very much around gender queerness/diversity and definately around the economic/social concerns for his patients.

I consulted prior with other surgeons but settled with him - as the first time he spoke with me he answered every single question and chatted for a good almost 2 hrs. Great bloke. ( And no this is not him : ))  Maybe someone has got $6500 mixed up with $65000 as a figure - cos all up depending on the surgery it could be $6500 inc. everything.


Cheers and good luck!
answered Feb 26, 2013 by anonymous