Our Name

We are named in tribute to a former member of our Working Group, the late Zoe Belle.

Zoe was involved in this current initiative to establish a gender centre for Victoria right from its inception. She saw very clearly the need for such a centre and she passionately articulated this need – both in person and online (via her memorable emails which were written in pink text).

But the drive to establish a gender centre was only one aspect of Zoe’s wide-ranging activism. As this 2008 tribute to Zoe from the group Trans Melbourne Gender Project says:

Zoe was passionate about trans rights, and wanted to make a  difference in the world. She was meticulous in her work and presentation, and was a valued team member and friend. She had her finger in many, many pies. In fact, she was involved in so many projects that it is almost impossible to think of a trans- or queer-related event that has taken place in Melbourne recently without her presence. She was the main organiser of Trans/Destinations, the first dedicated trans conference in Melbourne, which is about to happen as part of the Midsumma Festival. But she wasn’t just interested in one issue: Zoe saw the big picture, and was also committed to disability rights, queer rights, feminist politics and anti-violence work.

Read a tribute to Zoe Belle.